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Molino Colombo on food culture

Saturday, October 15th, the inauguration of Molino Colombo’s new factory store for the ultimate consumers attracted a rush of curious guests intrigued by the passion and efforts Molino Colombo has always put in its production ever since its founding in 1882.


The new factory store is open to customers where they can find every Molino Colombo product: ranging from traditional to organic flour; sapori e salute line containing wheat germ which offers a significant dose of vitamins, minerals and protein; the Intera line includes flour with glycemic index reduced up to 50% highly digestible.


“It’s not just a store but also our own way of telling our story, as well as an opportunity to learn about food culture through the courses offered at the Accademia della Farina.”

Various activities, cooking shows and presentations by exceptional guest speakers and gastronomy experts further made the inaugural of the Factory store more interesting for the visitors.


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