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Also called nutmeg flower, macis is a culinary spice native to the Moluccan Islands. It is a part of the fruit of the myristica fragrans Gronov, an evergreen tree which can reach the height of 20 m. In particular, the macis is the inner part of the fruit -the endocarp- and covers the seed which constitutes instead the commonly known nutmeg, another spice obtained from the same plant. Bright red when fresh, the macis becomes orange once dried. Its taste is more delicate than the one of nutmeg. Similar to saffron, in the kitchen it is used to give yellow or orange colour to salty dishes. It is also implemented for the preservation of vegetables as well as the preparation of mixtures of spices, spicy vinegars and home liqueurs such as walnut. Freshly grated, it is pleasant in cheese sauces.

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