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Paprika is a spice obtained from the grinding of the chilli pepper, dried and deprived of its white internal part. Its name comes from an Hungarian word and means peppers. The chili, which belongs to the family of solanaceae, was introduced in Europe by the Hungarians, who in turn imported it from the Turks, who in turn had taken it in India. The plant, however, would be of American origins and it was already known to the Native American Indians. In recent years cultivation has also developed in other areas, including Peru, Chile, Brazil, South Africa, Israel, China, South Africa and Mozambique. The intensity of paprika varies according to the type of pepper used; its spiciness and the taste are also different depending on whether only the pulp or the whole fruit -including its seeds- is ground. The inner part of the pepper is indeed the place where the active ingredient that gives the spicy taste, or better saying the capsaicin, is concentrated. Depending on the degree of spiciness, we have mild, medium or spicy paprika. On the other hand, paprika’s colour depends on several pigments, known as carotenoids and among which the lycopene prevails. Paprika’s taste is delicate, slightly bitter, slightly spicy and aromatic. Its spicy side is very sweet and mild so it doesn’t obscure the taste of dishes. It is commonly used for meat, cheese, cream, tomato, onion or often combined with other spices.

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