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The moringa is a plant native to India belonging to the family of Moringaceae. It is a tree diffused in the equatorial and tropical zones of the Planet that can even reach the 10 meters of height. It has been always used in Indian folk medicine and in the traditional medicines of the countries where this tree grows. Moringa is often called a "miraculous tree" or a "miracle tree" because according to these alternative medicines it can prevent and treat multiple ailments. However, it is probable that this name derives not only from the supposed curative and preventive capacities attributed to the plant, but also from its ability to grow in unfavourable conditions such as the presence of drought, poor soils and situations with extremely variable pH. In our country, you can find its dried and chopped or powdered leaves that are used for the preparation of infusions or drinks. The powdered leaves and seed extracts are also part of the composition of various food supplements approved by the Ministry of Health.

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