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Goji Berry

Goji berries are the fruits of a spontaneous shrub of Tibetan origin which belongs to the family of the solanaceae, to the genus lycium and to the species barbarum. Goji berries are small and red. They have different nutritional and phytotherapeutic qualities some of which are concrete and proven, while others are probably overestimated. Since the beginning of time, goji berries have been an essential element of traditional Chinese medicine and, more generally, of the Asian territory. Only recently, since the very first years of the 21st century, goji berries have been introduced into western diets. The interest in these fruits is not so much about their gastronomic value but rather for their beneficial power on general health. Today, goji berries are used as food supplement, functional food and phytotherapeutic principle by a large proportion of the population. Mainly thanks to their nutritional richness of molecules unique in their genre such as "rare" mineral, salts, vitamins, antioxidants and more.

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