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Garlic is a herbaceous perennial plants. Its bulbs that are widely used in cooking for its taste but also for its antiseptic and refreshing properties. It can be cultivated all over Italy. It grows well in fertile and well drained soils but it cannot stand humid ones as in those it is more likely affected by fungal diseases. Essential base for the preparation of many recipes, garlic, as onion, is among the oldest vegetables as almost all the great civilizations of the past have exalted its use in daily practice. It has been recognised over the centuries not only for its undoubted nutritional and aromatic value but also for its remarkable therapeutic properties. Leaving on a side the supposed virtues of scaramantica against evil spirits and dead's souls, it is now well established that garlic is useful as vermifuge and as natural disinfectant. It also purifies blood by helping to lower cholesterol levels and to control hypertension, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Medical research continues to highlight the beneficial effects of garlic use.

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