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It is a tuber belonging to the family of the solanacee, the Spanish imported it to Europe during the conquest of Perù around 1580. Belgium holds the European record of consumption with more than 200 kg per capita per year but in all the nothern European nations the use of potato is very high, as it is its cultivation. In Italy the region that has the greatest cultivation is Campania. Potato is a tuber that contains 18% of glycides in starch form. A commonplace makes it a fattening food, difficult to digest, cause of intestinal meteorism. Quite the oppisite, it is important to know that 100g of normal potatoes give about 80 calories while 100g of white bread 260/270 calories. Potato contains not only starch but also interesting amounts of both vitamins and minerals. The content of potassium is also remarkable.

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