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Ginger is a herbaceous plant of Zingiberaceae native to the Far East. Cultivated in all the tropical and subtropical belt, ginger has a fleshy and densely ramified rhizome from which depart both a long sterile hollow stems -formed by lanceolate sheathing leaves- as well as a short fertile scapes carrying yellow-greenish flowers with purple spots. The fruit is a capsule divided by the septa in three loggias. In the rhizome are contained gingerol and shogaoli which are the active ingredients that give aroma and flavor to the plant. They are stronger when the spice appears in dry form as powder or in fresh form as thin slices. These active ingredients are to a lesser extent also contained in ginger wood, which is for example used for skewers. In Japanese cuisine ginger is normally used as a spice for the preparation of liquors and soft drinks -in particular Ginger ale. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties and it stimulates digestion and peripheral circulation. It is traditionally believed that ginger contributes to the preservation and enhancement of the flavours of the dishes

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