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The turmeric or "saffron of Indies" is a herbaceous, perennial and rhizomatous plant of the Zingiberaceous family and one of the many species of the curcuma genus. It originates from South-eastern Asia and is widely used as a spice especially in Asian cuisine. India is the world’s leading producer of turmeric: in 2008/2009 almost 200,000 ha of turmeric was grown in India which translates in production of 900,000 tonnes. The name "saffron of the Indies" is due to the yellow colour. Indeed the only similarity between turmeric and saffron is the yellow rhizome. Boiled, dried in the sun or in the oven and then crushed into a yellow-orange powder, tumeric rhizomes are one of the yellow substance used in dye-works. Its active ingredient is turmerine which has an earthy, bitter, spicy taste. Its taste is extremely volatile while the color is preserved over time.

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