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Stevia powder

Stevia Rebaudiana can be considered one of the most useful plants for human health. In Paraguay the cultivation is widespread but with extreme respect for nature. In its natural habitat, it has no particularly aggressive enemies and therefore does not need any chemical for its defence. This is a guarantee of "naturalness" of the product but in order to define itself as biological and healthy, the extraction of glycosides must also be done naturally. There are two distinct systems in Paraguay: the artisanal one which extracts the glycosides using only warm water; and the industrial one that uses both warm water and alimentary alcohol. However, a declaration shall be issued on cultivation without chemical auxiliaries. The cultivation of Stevia follows the dictates and the capitulations of CaPaSte, the Paraguayan Chamber of Stevia, that carries out the controls on the production issuing the extraction authorizations and following the norms Mercosur and ISO9200. Of course, EU directives on sweeteners are always observed.

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