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Himalayan Rose Salt

The pink Himalayan salt is the most used and known in the world. It is a natural untreated and unrefined rock salt, which is extracted from geological strata of the Himalayan chain slopes; where there was a vast ocean in the secondary era (200 million years ago). For these reasons it is considered the most precious, complete and pure salt. It is the remnant of the primordial ocean that dried up with the formation of the Himalayan mountain range, so it is a fossil salt; the result of an era in which the oceans were not polluted. Thanks to its particular origin, rose salt has absorbed substances that other salts do not have, common sea salt is primarily affected by current pollution of the seas, it is also treated with chemical anti-caking agents to prevent it from hardening by absorbing moisture. Instead The Himalayan salt is the purest of salts because it is simply extracted and washed, without undergoing any refining process. A precious purity that gives rise to rich crystals with different shades, which contain in the right proportions the mineral salts and trace elements that we need; that is a low sodium content, a good dose of antioxidants, Iron and Copper, which also determine its pink color. It is a rapidly assimilated salt in the intestine, so it is valuable to restore balance and remove dregs.

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