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Wheat Evolutivo Project Solibam

It is a mixture of soft grains grown according to a method developed by the agronomist, geneticist and professor at the University of Perugia Salvatore Ceccarelli. After decades of research and experimentation in various countries of the four continents, Ceccarelli stated that “cereal seeds are like grapes or olives; there are an infinite number of species and varieties, and their flours are all different from each other and their characteristics depends on the year of the crops. Like the grapes vinification, bread-making is the final art that is able to express the qualities of the seeds.” Evolutivo wheat is the alternative for farmers who want to free themselves from the command of the agro-bio-chemical industry. The system provides for the recovery of the largest number of varieties of the same species in old farms, seed banks, agricultural universities. Then you have to mix the seeds and evaluate the best varieties by sowing them in the field year after year. After some seasonal cycles, a good mixture of varieties will be obtained, some of which will be crossed following the evolutionary principle of the fundamental theory of natural selection. Their variability will increase the resilience of crops to diseases and changing climatic conditions. In this way, the farmers take back into their hands the natural genetic capital, talk directly with processors and consumers and increase their economic weight in the food supply chain. It is called participatory and evolutionary genetic selection and can be applied to any agricultural production.