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Leek is common name for the allium porrum. It belongs to the same botanical family (Gigliacee) of the onion, to which however resembles more for taste than for appearance. Native to Mediterranean regions, leek is a biennial growing herbaceous plant whose leaves white in the basal portion and green upwards overlap forming  a cylindrical structure. Its size depends on the varieties as well as the season when it ripens which can be summer or winter. Partly below the soil surface, it has a height of about sixty centimeters and has reddish umbrella flowers. The white part of the leaves is the one that is preferably consumed. It is widely cultivated all over Italy: it is sown in winter with transplant in spring for summer harvests, in March-April with transplant in April-May for autumn harvests. Often the plants undergo bleaching in pits to improve their quality after harvesting.

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