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Nettle is a perennial herbaceous plant. From the underground ramified yellowish rhizomes the vegetative stems departure, rising during the good season up to a height of 2 m. The leaves are pedunculated, positioned opposite to one another and their shape is from hearth to rhomboidal with clearly serrated margin. The male and female flowers are carried in different ears and dimorphs. One of the salient characteristic of the plant is the epidermis of the whole epigeal part which is covered with stinging bristles. These are made up of single-cell hair with silicate and extremely fragile walls, which easily penetrate the skin freeing the cellular content on the lesion; the high content of histamine and acetylcholine causes irritation. Nettle is a plant greedy for nitrogen and grows on fresh and fertile soil. It thrives wherever there is plenty of nutrients, preferring humid places. It is therefore found in the ruins of old farmhouses, along the sewage canals, on the edge of flourishingwoods. It’s common all over Italy.

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