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Myristica fragrans is a tree native to the Moluccan Islands (Indonesia) and now cultivated in the intertropical zones. Parts of its fruit are marketed as spices: the husked seed is nutmeg while the outer covering provides the macis. The flavour of nutmeg is refined, sweet and exotic with a slightly spicy note. It is used in the kichen maily to flavour desserts, creams and puddings but also in salty dishes such as mashed potatoes, gnocchi alla romana and boiled vegetables. A sprinkling of nutmeg is perfect for aromatizing cocktails and alcoholic drinks such as mulled wine. Already well established in the Arabian markets, in Europe nutmeg became a very precious and sought-after product only in the sixteenth century, creating hostility among western powers who tried to win its monopoly. Its aromatic and spicy flavour literally developed into a passion in Western society to the point that some books claimed that nutmeg was a powerful stimulant to carry all the time. It indeed became common practice to carry around a nutmeg and a small grater to add spice in wine or food if there were sudden convivial situations.

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